Risk Services & ONE

Managing risk on behalf of our clients

Our role as risk management solution providers means working with each of our clients to identify, assess and manage their unique set of complex risks. Our objective is to allow our clients to operate efficiently and effectively, with full peace of mind.

Failing to handle risk appropriately can have serious and long-lasting consequences, such as financial loss and penalties, damage to reputation and the possibility of criminal charges for directors. The law regarding risk is constantly being updated and amended, and our team of risk specialists will ensure that your organisation remains compliant at all times.

Fully-trained experts

Because risk management is so critical for every business and charity, it’s essential to our clients that all our staff are fully-trained and experienced in their field. We take your legal and regulatory responsibilities as seriously as our own.

Our specialist risk services

When disaster strikes, you need to be back up on your feet as fast as possible—this is where Disaster Management & Business Continuity Planning come into play.

Company directors are required by law to act in the best interests of their companies at all times. This is something that our risk specialists understand and we’ll treat your obligations seriously and with respect.

With help from our experienced team, your organisation will be able to:

  • assess the continuity risks you face
  • develop contingency plans for every scenario that could disrupt your ability to operate
  • create an online crisis store of plans, contact lists and resources
  • simulate scenarios to test your plan

If a crisis hits, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage it effectively, communicate with your staff and maintain a full audit trail of incidents.

Support when and where you need it

Our risk specialists offer clients a comprehensive range of online and offline support. Straight away you’ll have access to our Business Continuity software, available wherever and whenever you need it. It’s ISP 22301 compliant and will quickly get you back on your feet. And if you need to talk with an expert, one of our consultants will be ready to assist you.

Surviving a major discontinuity

We recommend that all our clients invest in a professionally-prepared strategic business continuity plan. We know from experience that this provides the best chance of surviving a major business discontinuity.

Studies show that 80% of organisations which follow this strategy survive, against only 20% which don’t. For organisations that suffer a significant data loss, there’s only a 10% chance of survival after two years.

However, according to the 2012 Chartered Management Institute report ‘Planning for the Worst’, 39% of businesses still don’t have a continuity plan in place. And talking to organisations which had activated their business continuity plan within the previous year, 81% of managers said their plan had been effective in reducing disruption.

While HR & Employment Law can appear complex and confusing to our clients, our experts will offer guidance. When the laws change, we’ll help you to respond quickly and effectively.

Our specialist team understands the considerable financial and reputation risks that can arise when HR & Employment Law issues are mishandled. For example, employees can claim up to £74,200 for unfair dismissal, and there is no cap at all on discrimination case pay-outs.

Excellent legal advice

To ensure that our clients get the best and most up-to-date legal advice, we work closely with leading law firm rradar. Together, we’ll provide you with the day-to-day support you need so you’ll never left exposed by changes to regulations. We distribute frequent bulletins and updates to ensure you know what you need to do to remain compliant.

Online and offline support

Our HR & Employment Law web pages comprise a valuable resource of advice and easy-to-download templates. We’re also available by phone or by email to discuss any questions that might arise—and we operate a dedicated 24/7 hotline for emergencies. We can also provide onsite consultancy services when required.

Policies, procedures and checklists

We provide our clients with HR checklists and audits, and we can help you develop strategic HR policies and procedures. We also offer guidance on:

  • grievance and disciplinary hearings
  • long-term absence and sickness
  • redundancy and restructuring
  • rights to work in the UK

Beneficial rates

As one of our clients, you’ll be entitled to beneficial rates on:

  • Employment Tribunal representation
  • Settlement Agreements
  • online training courses for employees

A confidential service

rradar is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. All your conversations with us are covered by legal professional privilege. Furthermore, anything you discuss with us cannot be revealed to third parties without your express consent.

Every day, UK insurers pay out approximately £3.4 million in commercial property claims.

These pay outs cover a variety of causes from arson and electrical fault fires to weather and flood-related claims due to our changing weather patterns.

Having to make a claim can affect your organisation in different ways. A minor loss can tie up your staff and resources for an inordinate amount of time, while a major loss could jeopardise your organisation’s whole future. Whatever the type of property loss involved, we know it’s always unwelcome and comes at a cost. For this reason, an increasing number of our business and charity clients are turning to our specialist Property Loss Control service.

How we can help

Our experienced team will work with you to minimise your property risk exposure to reduce or remove property losses entirely. If you do suffer a loss, we’ll handle the claims quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

We can help you with a full range of property loss protection services. You may just want simple and inexpensive guidance to good housekeeping, or your needs may be more complex. But whatever your requirements are, our team of experts will be ready to help. For example, we can give you advice regarding new construction materials or techniques.

Expert guidance

You can call on us for guidance in the following areas:

  • building security measures
  • protecting unoccupied buildings
  • safeguarding against extreme weather
  • safe systems and work permits for on-site contractors
  • disaster management and business continuity planning
  • fire and smoke detectors
  • security alarms

Health & Safety is one of the most serious and demanding regulatory areas your organisation faces.

Fast-moving and ever-changing, this is one area of the law that you need to keep absolutely up-to-date and compliant with. Failing to comply with regulations can have significant legal and financial consequences and cause long-term damage to your organisation. Our experts understand how confusing these ever-evolving obligations can be to clients, which is why we promise that you’ll only ever deal with professionals with a high level of experience. We know and fully appreciate the legal and regulatory pressures you operate under.

Clear and practical guidance

Our clients benefit from unlimited access our Health &Safety advisers, via email, telephone or with face-to-face meetings. Our qualified experts will give you clear and practical guidance on all the Health & Safety issues facing you.

We can advise on your specific legal duties of care towards your staff, contractors and the general public. We can help you with accident prevention, workforce protection and ensure that you satisfy the demands of your regulatory body.

Minimising damage

We’ll work with you to minimise the impact of accidents, ill health and insurance claims. And we can help you minimise enforcement actions and damage to your reputation if necessary.

Guides, forms and templates

Our client portal will give you access to up-to-date:

  • guides and fact sheets
  • policy and risk assessment templates
  • forms and checklists
  • training materials

Audits and inspections

We’ll assist you with Health & Safety audits and inspections, and help you to review and develop your Health & Safety management systems. You’ll get practical support with:

  • policies and documents
  • risk assessments
  • safe systems at work
  • work permits
  • BH OHSAS 1800 Gap Analysis

Fire-related issues

For expert guidance on fire-related issues, talk to us about risk assessments, safety consultancy and evacuation planning.

Practical Health & Safety training

We can provide you with practical online or on-site IOSH/NEBOSH-accredited Health & Safety courses.

Environmental advice

We can help you with environmental audits and advice, including environmental health and food safety guidance.

We provide our clients with valuable, comprehensive and proactive Legal & Regulatory support.

One of our goals is to raise awareness within our clients’ organisations of the complex legal issues they face. By building a close and ongoing business relationship, we can ensure that you remain compliant and avoid legal and regulatory difficulties wherever possible.

Ensuring the best legal support

In order to be able to offer you the best possible legal support, we’ve teamed up with leading law firm rradar. We’ve brought together a plain-talking legal team with specialisms in different areas of the law. We can help you with:

  • civil litigation
  • corporate law
  • environmental law
  • health & safety
  • HR & employment law
  • tax & accountancy

We employ proven experts in every aspect of compliance, regulation and corporate governance, and we’ll provide you with regular updates on all the latest legal developments that are likely to affect your organisation.

We’re here when you need us

As a Hettle Andrews client, you have unlimited access to our Legal & Regulatory support team via phone, email or face-to-face meeting. The team is available Monday to Fridays from nine to five, and the website round the clock. In an emergency, you can call our 24/7 Legal Crisis Line. Whatever the form of contact, you’ll receive clear, practical and trustworthy advice. Furthermore, rradar is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and all your discussions with us are covered by legal professional privilege. This means that anything we talk about can only be revealed to third parties with your express consent.

Specialist advice if you need it

We can also help you in the following areas:

  • police caution interviews
  • HMRC Code 8 and Code 9 investigations
  • HSE investigations, prosecutions and negotiations on fees for intervention
  • UK border agency inspections and prosecutions
  • criminal and civil prosecutions
  • employment tribunals and employment appeal tribunals
  • coroners court inquests
  • problems with local authorities or the Environment Agency

To find out more about any of these services, please contact our Risk Services Director, Ian Morgan Call now on 07951 267 690 or email ian.morgan@hettleandrews.co.uk

All of these options are available as standalone services. However, an increasing number of our clients are choosing to manage their risk through ‘ONE’, our comprehensive integrated risk solution.

Hettle Andrews ONE: one integrated solution to all your risks.

Hettle Andrews ONE is a comprehensive subscription service that incorporates the handling of all of your risk management and insurance needs. By subscribing to ONE, you’ll have your entire risk cycle covered and you’ll enjoy an ongoing range of financial and operational benefits.

With the unique ability to meet the needs of each and every client, Hettle Andrews ONE is hard to beat, but easy to subscribe to. It brings all your insurance and risk assessment services together under one roof to be managed by specialists who understand your sector. You stay in control and benefit from the cost effective premiums we’re able to offer.

You have our support in three distinct ways:

As a chartered insurance broker, we work to the very highest standards of professional practice. We achieve accurate insurance programme design and offer highly-competitive premiums.

As a risk management consultancy, we provide consultancy support in property and business interruption, health & safety planning, business continuity planning and HR consultancy.

Hettle Andrews ONE is the most effective way to utilise our services. Under the ONE umbrella, we combine our specialist knowledge as both insurance broker and risk consultant to provide you with one seamless solution. The benefits to this approach are huge: it means that your insurers are actively engaged with your risk management strategy—and actively reward clients by contributing an annual bursary to their risk service costs. Clients are also rewarded for commitment with premium reductions and low claims rebates.

ONE provides a single point of entry to all your risk services, achieving significant economies over the traditional model of buying these services separately.

Unique insurer bursary

Based on the evidence of clients already enrolled in ONE, we estimate that it could save your organisation at least 20 percent of your current costs. Insurers value ONE so highly that they’ll pay 50 percent of your annual fee through a unique bursary. In addition, you don’t pay VAT on your ONE subscription, which is another key reason why more and more charities are choosing the ONE integrated solution.

Confidence through compliance

With ONE, your organisation can rest assured that it will be up-to-date on and compliant with all the latest changes to rules and regulations. If you have questions, our team is on hand and you can access our trusted network of experts and consultants through a single point of contact. This includes specialist solicitors, loss adjustments, patent attorneys and a range of other experts.

Contact us today

To find out more about ONE and our other risk services, please contact our Risk Services Director Ian Morgan. Call now on 07951 267690 or email ian.morgan@hettleandrews.co.uk

Products and services provided by Hettle Andrews Risk Services are not regulated by the FCA

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Power through Partnership

Hettle Andrews is passionately committed to professionalism in everything we do. We’re driven by our desire to learn, to grow and to deliver the best service we possibly can – which means offering our clients tailored combinations of risk management and insurance solutions to suit their specific needs and budgets. We believe that the power of our success is through the partnership we have with you our clients.

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