Every day, UK insurers pay out in the region of £3.4 million in commercial property claims.

These claims come a variety of causes. They range from arson and electrical fault fires, through to weather and flood-related claims due to the UK’s changing weather patterns.

At Hettle Andrews, we understand how different types of claims can affect your organisation in different ways. Minor losses can tie up your staff and resources. Major losses could jeopardise your organisation’s whole future.

Whatever kind of property loss a claim involves, it is always unwelcome and comes at a price. That’s why increasing numbers of businesses and charities are turning to our specialist Property Loss Control service.

How we can help

Our experienced team will help minimise your property loss risk exposures. Work with us, and you’ll reduce or even remove your property losses. If you do suffer a loss, we’ll make sure your claims are handled speedily and without fuss.

We help clients with a full range of property loss protection issues. Some clients just want simple and inexpensive guides to good housekeeping. Other have more complex needs. Like advice regarding new construction materials and techniques, for example. Whatever your requirements, our team of experts will be here to assist you.

Expert guidance

Your organisation can rely on us for guidance in areas like:

– keeping your property safe and secure

– protecting your unoccupied buildings

– safeguarding your property against bad weather

We can also give you expert guidance on:

– safe systems and work permits for your on-site contractors

– disaster management and business continuity planning

– fire and security alarms and detectors

If you have a large or complex claim, we can help you with that too. You’ll be assigned a qualified Loss Assessor under our REACTTOR Claims Service.

Contact us today

If you’d like to know more, please contact our Head of Risk Services Adam Webb. Call now on 0121 423 6214 or email adam.webb@hettleandrews.co.uk.

*ABI UK Insurance key facts 2013.