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COVID-19: What’s the latest?

Unsurprisingly there is a great deal of concern surrounding the spread of Covid-19 or Coronavirus in the UK and overseas.

It has been difficult for us make a definitive communication to our clients because of the constantly changing position regarding the virus. In reality an accurate answer to a question from a client last week would probably receive a different response this week particularly since Coronavirus has been now been confirmed as a notifiable disease by the UK Government. We have concluded that as your individual circumstances will be quite different from other clients it is more prudent to encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your own concerns so we can give you a specific answer.

Your client advisor is available 24/7 to respond to your specific concerns, so please call or email us – that is what we are here for.

We will be communicating with your further as the situation develops and in addition we will be publishing on a weekly basis ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. In the meantime the following link will confirm the UK Government’s position:

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