Celebrating Black History Month

At AssuredPartners Hettle Andrews, we are proud to show support for Black History Month, with this year’s campaign #SalutingOurSisters championing the intellect, contributions, and talent of black women.

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Jasmin Campbell, a valued member of our AssuredPartners Hettle Andrews family, aptly points out that conversations about race can be uncomfortable for many. However, it is vital to welcome these discussions with an open mind. By doing so, we can challenge misconceptions and foster healthy conversations that contribute to breaking down divisions in society.

Understanding and appreciating the struggles and triumphs of black women throughout history can provide valuable insights into the ongoing fight for equality and justice. Black History Month offers us an opportunity to educate ourselves, engage in meaningful conversations, and work together to build Power Through Partnership.

“The theme for this year’s Black History Month is #SalutingOurSisters which I see as a testament to the intellect, contributions, and talent of black women. This theme allows space to celebrate black women from different spheres, both past and present. The delicate conversation of race can make many feel uncomfortable, however, it is important to welcome these conversations so that misconceptions can be challenged, fostering healthy debates in good stead to breaking down divisions. This month we should all make time to reflect, research and understand the vital roles that black women have made in shaping history and beyond.”

– Jasmin Campbell


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AssuredPartners Hettle Andrews is dedicated to embracing diversity, inclusion, equity, and a sense of belonging. #SalutingOurSisters goes beyond being just a theme; it serves as a reminder that through recognising the accomplishments of black women, we can persist in our efforts to create a more harmonious workplace.

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